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Manufacturer’s warranty

We are committed to designing high quality products and fully supporting them with their investment.

Stringent manufacturing and quality tests

All our peristaltic pump pass through rigorous tests and are individually checked and calibrated according to strict procedures. Each instrument undergoes endurance test in varied work environment to ensure its uninterrupted operations. All functionality is thoroughly inspected through more than 150 checks done in-house.

Long service life

We design custom parts and use high quality materials for the manufacture of our peristaltic pumps. All parts and components are designed in-house after considering various issues that a customer faces when using peristaltic pump as well as giving the user the best value for the product.

Our warranty

During the warranty period, we commit to undertake the repairs or replace the defective device used under normal conditions of use and maintained according to our recommendations. The BIODUO warranty covers equipment intended to be maintained and repaired, subject to registration of the warranty card.

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